Nasrin Vaziri

Nasrin was born in the centre of Iran and spent summer holidays in a mysterious land called ‘Naragh’ with vast fields and high mountains which inspired her for ever to consider art as an essential element in life. She was in the first year of university when the 1979 Revolution fundamentally changed the country she knew and loved. Nasrin was migrated with her husband and children to Australia in July 1990.

سرزمین من دره ایی است دردل کویر با تابستانهای گرم و خشک و زمستانهای یخ بندان. جایی که هر جویباری و سایه درختی مفهوم و معنی زندگی را بازگو می کند. جایی که ظهرهایش می دانند که چه تابستانی است و سپهری از فلک سراغ خانه دوست را می گیرد


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